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The widget would work across all sorts of websites including Blogger & WordPress blogs, WooCommerce stores, and most static HTML websites. It would however not work with the new version of Google Sites as they do not offer an option to embed JavaScript in pages. When visitors send a message via the Facebook Chat widget, it goes right to the inbox of your Facebook Page. As the business owner, you can install the Facebook Pages Manager app on your mobile phone to view and respond to messages. The customer will be notified of your response inside their Facebook Messenger app. The message history is preserved forever, there’s no limit on the number of messages you can receive in a day and your page can simultaneously receive pages from multiple visitors. The widget also invites the visitor to like your Facebook Page. One more thing. If the web page is using an ad blocker or if they have disabled social plugins, the widget nicely defaults to the messenger button. You'll also like: How to Embed the Facebook Customer Chat Widget in your Website Add Yahoo Messenger to your Website & Chat With Visitors How to Embed Facebook Message Buttons in your Website How to Build Facebook Pages with FBML Tutorials Facebook

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